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SS501 FanCluB 3
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با سلام .به یکی دیگر از فن کلاب های ss501 در ایران خوش آمدید.با آرزوی لحظاتی خوش برای شما در صورتی که از این وبلاگ خوشتان آمد ما را با آدرس سایت
و با اسم
(¯`°•.¸~*ฬĒ'ĿĿ ƧŪPPŌṜŦ ƧƧ501 4Ē∀ĒṜ *~¸.•°´¯)
لینک کنید.در صورت بروز هرگونه مشکل به ما خبر دهید تا در اولین فرصت آنرا بر طرف کنیم .امیدوارم حمایت خود را از ما دریغ نکنید.
با تشکر طرفداران ss501
Welcome to another fan club of Iranian ss501
Wishing you happy moments
If you have any problems please let us news as soon as we hand it over
I hope their support of us do not hesitate
Thank ss501 fans


مدیر وبلاگ : мαηαgєя
wich one of ss501 members do u love?

سُلام به همه ی دوستای گلم

شرمنده چند وقت نمیتونستم آپ كنم

از هلنا جونم عذر میخوام

به هر حال درس های این ترم خیلی سنگینن منم كم وقت پیدا میكنم كه بیام نت

دیگه وقتتونو نمیگیرم یك راست میرم سراغ آپ

از هیون جونگ

امیدوارم كه لذت ببرین

رای و نظر یادتون نره


امیدوارم لذت ببرین

بابای دوست جون جونیا


نوع مطلب : *Kim Hyun joong*김현중*، *SS501 NEWS*ss501 뉴스*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، *Pictures Of SS501*SS501의 사진*، *Answer to your questions*질문에 대한 답변*، 
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Being recognized as the lead vocal of SS501 with a beautiful voice! Explosive singing ability and his own style of dance ability different from others!

SS501’s lead vocal Heo YoungSaeng’s very first mini album “Let It Go” is to be released and Heo YoungSaeng will stand in front of the public as a solo singer. 7 years after debut, not as a vocal of SS501, nor as a member of SS501, you can listen to Heo YoungSaeng’s own story in this mini album “Let It Go”, which contains both dance and ballad, coexisting with harmony, making listeners feel rich in the ears.

Title song “Let It Go” is by Sweetune, talking about a different way of love between male and female. A cold guy who is indifferent in front of love, Heo YoungSaeng sings with his unique refined beautiful voice, completed with 4minute HyunA’s sensual rap expressing a female’s desire for love.

Taewan, who co-made singer Rain’s album, participated for this fast tempo American club dance song “Out The Club”. Heo YoungSaeng wrote the lyrics to the trendy analog synthesizer and drumbeat, harmonious song “I’m Broken”. SS501 member Kim KyuJong as featured rapper in the lyrical melody and sweet mellow guitar tones “Rainy Heart”. Mini album contains 5 tracks including “Let It Go” instrumental, and a 28-page album jacket, where you can feel singer Heo YoungSaeng’s diverse charms. The album release date was being postponed in April due to an injury during dance practice. Heo YoungSaeng is prepared to soar, spreading the soaring wings which was put aside for awhile and in order to reach to the top, his future moves are drawing attention.

• 01. Out The Club (Ft.Tae Wan)
• 02. Let It Go (Ft.HyunA)
• 03. Rainy Heart (sub-title: That day when it rained) (Ft.Kim KyuJong)
• 04. I'm Broken
• 05. Let It Go (Instrument)

نوع مطلب : *Heo Yuong Saeng*허영생*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، *SS501 NEWS*ss501 뉴스*، *Pictures Of SS501*SS501의 사진*، *Video Clips Of SS501*SS501의 비디오 클립*، *Answer to your questions*질문에 대한 답변*، *Story*이야기*، 
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After pushing back his debut date due to a hand injury, SS501’s Heo Young Saeng finally announced that he’ll release his mini-album on May 12th! His agency had a lot of worries over his slow recovery, but Heo Young Saeng himself decided it was best to have a comeback soon.

Heo Young Saeng’s hand is not quite at 100% yet, but he’s passionately preparing for his comeback stage. He has also released his video teaser on the 4th, as well as some stills from his solo MV.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that 4minute’s HyunA participated in the title song “Let It Go“, and fellow SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong also worked on another song in the album.

Fellow group members Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Joon have already made their solo debuts earlier this year. Despite the group members being in different entertainment agencies now, SS501 is still expected to make a full comeback this year.


نوع مطلب : *Heo Yuong Saeng*허영생*، *Fan Meeting*팬 미팅*، *Answer to your questions*질문에 대한 답변*، *Story*이야기*، *Pictures Of SS501*SS501의 사진*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، *Video Clips Of SS501*SS501의 비디오 클립*، *SS501 NEWS*ss501 뉴스*، 
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Leader is so manly with that short hair! Lovin' it!

سلام به همگی


من امروز با چند تا آپ اومدم (آپ ها رو توی زمان خودشون گذاشتم زیر این پست)كه امیدوارم وقت بشه و همه شونو بذارم

اولی هیون توی ‍ژاپن


منتظر پست های  بعدی باشین

(پایینی ها رو هم ببینین)

نوع مطلب : *Dsp messages*، *Kim Hyun joong*김현중*، * SS501 in Airport*공항 ss501*، *SS501 NEWS*ss501 뉴스*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، *Pictures Of SS501*SS501의 사진*، *Fan Meeting*팬 미팅*، *Answer to your questions*질문에 대한 답변*، 
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vpek2jettnzxqru3mii.jpgpjyilv1pnodf3s07defi.jpgxx472gnf3muubc6lm46w.jpg6rd3gf7zfek5xrwrfigb.jpgb2q1yj2i1j5nlpgpv66.jpgs60ncyqb3tdft9tyx11.jpgهیون در همه حالت


اینم از این بقیه داره پست بعدی


نوع مطلب : *Kim Hyun joong*김현중*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، *SS501 NEWS*ss501 뉴스*، *Pictures Of SS501*SS501의 사진*، *Answer to your questions*질문에 대한 답변*، *Story*이야기*، *Fan Meeting*팬 미팅*، 
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Hyun Joong with Elmo! Kekeke. Cute. Gorgeous. What else can I say? :)

هیون جونگ با المو
بازم هستااااااااااااااااا

نوع مطلب : *Kim Hyun joong*김현중*، *SS501 NEWS*ss501 뉴스*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، *Pictures Of SS501*SS501의 사진*، *Fan Meeting*팬 미팅*، *Answer to your questions*질문에 대한 답변*، 
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Hello, this is Hyun Joong
2011/04/29  Hyun Joong

I will go to Osaka on 2nd May.
I’m going for the Playful Kiss promotion event, it’s been while since I’ve been to Osaka and I’m feeling excited.
In Osaka, I want to eat Takoyaki(ball-shaped dumpling filled with baby octopus) and of course I also want to eat Gyu-don (Beef bowl) too.
Japanese fans will be seeing me in my short hair. Do not be surprised at the style that you are not used to see.
Recently I’m into sports and my body frame has become bigger… From now onwards, I would be showing everyone the manly feeling.
In June (at Korea), we are planning a showcase for the sales of the album, please look forward to it.
The choreography, jacket etc for the album…. all parts have been taken with care one by one so please take your time to look at it.
After May has passed and when June comes, let’s fly up together once more.
At that time, I will bring the album to visit Japan so please look forward to it.
Please be live well and smile happily. Thank you.

نوع مطلب : *Kim Hyun joong*김현중*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، *SS501 NEWS*ss501 뉴스*، *Pictures Of SS501*SS501의 사진*، *Answer to your questions*질문에 대한 답변*، *Story*이야기*، 
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سلام دوستان بلاخره بعد از كلی موفق شدم یه چند تا آپ براتون بذارم

پس فقط متنشو خودتون ترجمه كنین بی زحمت

تا بتونم آپ های بیشتری بذارم

فعلا عزیزان

راستی اگه عكس ها باز نشد بهم بگین تا آپلودشون كنم

این پست درباره ی پیام هیونگ كیو و جونگی توی توییتر:

Lovin' the tweet pics of Kyu, Jun, and Min! Aaah, I've been so busy lately, I barely have time to post. Miane. But it always cheers me up whenever the boys or even their manager/agency tweet pictures of them. Wipes the stress away! Thanks to xiaochu for translating!

2011-04-26 @ 5:15 PM
Kim KyuJong!!!!!!!!! keke Sorry for not able to protect you yfrog.com/gy21111659j
*It says Kim KyuJong Fool on the pic


2011-04-26 @ 2:05 PM
KyuJong, who come to the office for lessons, is making a phonecall in boss’s room. My camera caught him~~~ I think he is on the phone with YoungSaeng (my guess^^) heehee Will be uploading YoungSaeng’s photo again soon~~ Is everybody ready? yfrog.com/gzzb9kkj yfrog.com/h7whddcj


2011-04-24 @ 4:40 PM
End of 1st performance in Osaka! Let’s run till the 2nd performance!! yfrog.com/hsm4dyzj



2011-04-22 @ 12:35 AM
Successfully finished performance in Thailand, currently taking a rest at the lounge. I had a great time haha. ^^ yfrog.com/h325223424j


2011-04-22 @ 9:21 AM
Had one photo from the 1st day~^^* yfrog.com/h2dj9bqej


نوع مطلب : *Kim Kyu Jung*김규종*، *Park Jung Min*박정민*، *Kim Hyung Jun*김형준*، *SS501 NEWS*ss501 뉴스*، *Pictures Of SS501*SS501의 사진*، *Story*이야기*، *Answer to your questions*질문에 대한 답변*، 
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خببب اینم حسن ختام آپای امروزم با اجازتون برم بیرون هوا خوری

البته دود خوری بگم بهتره

خب دیگه چاره چیه از خونه نشستن كه بهتره


این آپم چون آپ اخرمه از عزیز دلم هیونگ جون براتون میذارم

توی این عكس ها خیلی جیگولی شده


جیگر طلای خودمه

عكس ها رو ببینین و لذت ببرین


سیوشون كنین تا توی سایز اصلی ببینین

راستی به همه ی آپای امروزم نظر بذاریناااااااااااااا

منتظر نظراای داغتون هستم

منم اگه حالم بهتر شد سعی میكنم هر روز آپ كنم

بوس بوس فعلا باباییییییییی

تا هاییییییییییی

نوع مطلب : *Kim Hyung Jun*김형준*، *SS501 NEWS*ss501 뉴스*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، *Pictures Of SS501*SS501의 사진*، *Answer to your questions*질문에 대한 답변*، 
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این پستم یه خبر دیگه درباره ی هیونگ جونه

تیتر این خبر

"بهشت"اثر كیم هیونگ جون به یاد پارك یون ها


حالا خودتون بخونین متوجه میشین ولی باز اگه مشكلی داشتین بهم بگین تا ترجمه اش رو براتون بذارم

From the maknae of SS501 to a solo singer as a new start. Used to be a 5 members stage to a solo stage now, but Kim Hyung Jun is full of confidence. Kim Hyung Jun has released his 1st solo mini album "MY GIRL", using his hit song "OH! AH!" to start his solo activities.

In his solo album, Kim Hyung Jun has composed and was involved in the production of the songs "YOU ARE NOT LIKE OTHER WOMAN" and "HEAVEN". Especially "HEAVEN" is a song which holds a totally different meaning to Kim Hyung Jun. He wrote the lyrics of "HEAVEN" was due to his deep friendship with the late artiste Park Yong Ha.

"Park Yong Ha is a brother whom I truly like and respect, "HEAVEN" contains the feelings of how I miss Yong Ha hyung, to those who have listened to this song was said that they can feel for it, which gave them a decisive role when it come to love. Because of missing Yong Ha hyung so I can get more of my inspirations, which is why the lyrics were written in that way."

After knowing the news that Park Yong Ha has passed away, Kim Hyung Jun's crying scene during the funeral, making people around him sigh non-stop. And during the opening speech of his radio show SBS FM "KIM HYUNG JUN Music High" he said "Today is a very painful day, a hyung who is very closed to me suddenly passed away, it is really hard to believe", continue saying "I feel apologetic to my hyung who treated me very well but whom I did not really treat him that well" really want to cry and shed tears again.

With the same Japanese management company, the two quickly became closer after their Japanese activities. The reserved Kim Hyung Jun said that he approached Park Yong Ha to befriend him, told him if they are going to Japan, to meet up together for some activties or go to each other house to play, thus established a deep friendship.

Kim Hyung Jun said, "Whenever I face any problems, Yong Ha hyung is a brother who always willing to share my problems. Thus I am really very thankful to hyung." "Moreover our family stories and other areas which are totally similiar, this makes us closer as we have many things in common and often can reach to a consensus." He also said, "As long as we can be together he is really good brother". "HEAVEN" is the only ballad song in his solo mini album that contains his memories of the late artiste Park Yong Ha and also how he feels. The story of warm friendship of Park Yong Ha and Kim Hyung Jun as of the lyrics "You the only one for me, standing behind you today I'm always met with a smile, cannot express my heartfelt gratitude, No matter where I can still feel you, I'm always with you in my heart" can sense their deep friendship.

"Although can't sing that as a memorial song but to Yong Ha Hyung, it contains my thinkings. Often thinking of taking care and not to forget but to increasingly keep it as a memory, so with that frame of mind to write the lyrics."

نوع مطلب : *Kim Hyung Jun*김형준*، *SS501 NEWS*ss501 뉴스*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، *Pictures Of SS501*SS501의 사진*، *Answer to your questions*질문에 대한 답변*، 
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