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SS501 FanCluB 3
«¤• ฬĒ'ĿĿ ƧŪPPŌṜŦ ƧƧ501 4Ē∀ĒṜ •¤»
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با سلام .به یکی دیگر از فن کلاب های ss501 در ایران خوش آمدید.با آرزوی لحظاتی خوش برای شما در صورتی که از این وبلاگ خوشتان آمد ما را با آدرس سایت
و با اسم
(¯`°•.¸~*ฬĒ'ĿĿ ƧŪPPŌṜŦ ƧƧ501 4Ē∀ĒṜ *~¸.•°´¯)
لینک کنید.در صورت بروز هرگونه مشکل به ما خبر دهید تا در اولین فرصت آنرا بر طرف کنیم .امیدوارم حمایت خود را از ما دریغ نکنید.
با تشکر طرفداران ss501
Welcome to another fan club of Iranian ss501
Wishing you happy moments
If you have any problems please let us news as soon as we hand it over
I hope their support of us do not hesitate
Thank ss501 fans


مدیر وبلاگ : мαηαgєя
wich one of ss501 members do u love?

امروز کلا رو مود کلیپ گذاشتنم

حالا که من براتون کلیپ میذارم شماام نظر یادتون نره ها

اینم کلیپ

SS501- A Song Calling For You Live

نظر یادت نره دوست عزیز

نوع مطلب : *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، *Video Clips Of SS501*SS501의 비디오 클립*، 
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اگه عنوان پست و خونده باشین بازم یه کلیپ از شیطنک های جونگ مین میخوام براتون بذارم

SS501 Park Jung Min funny dance Love Ya

کلیک کنین

نوع مطلب : *Park Jung Min*박정민*، *Video Clips Of SS501*SS501의 비디오 클립*، 
برچسب ها : jung min،
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عاشقای هیون جونگ این کلیپ و از دست ندن دل آدم تیکه تیکه میشه

E Black Glasses MV [1]. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong

برای دانلود روی عبارت انگلیسی کلیک کنید.کپی با ذکر منبع

نوع مطلب : *Kim Hyun joong*김현중*، *Video Clips Of SS501*SS501의 비디오 클립*، 
برچسب ها : black glasses،
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اینم deja vu با زیر نویس فارسی


نوع مطلب : *Video Clips Of SS501*SS501의 비디오 클립*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، 
برچسب ها : deja vu با زیر نویس فارسی،
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فكر كنم اینم آپ آخرم باشه

   یه چند تا از آهنگ های دابل اس رو براتون میزارم برای موبایل ام میتونین استفاده كنین

+ چند تا عكس قدیمی از گروه


قوربون خنده هاشون

تا آپ بعدی بای تا های

نوع مطلب : *Kim Hyun joong*김현중*، *Heo Yuong Saeng*허영생*، *Kim Kyu Jung*김규종*، *Park Jung Min*박정민*، *Kim Hyung Jun*김형준*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، *Video Clips Of SS501*SS501의 비디오 클립*، *Pictures Of SS501*SS501의 사진*، *Story*이야기*، 
برچسب ها :
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Being recognized as the lead vocal of SS501 with a beautiful voice! Explosive singing ability and his own style of dance ability different from others!

SS501’s lead vocal Heo YoungSaeng’s very first mini album “Let It Go” is to be released and Heo YoungSaeng will stand in front of the public as a solo singer. 7 years after debut, not as a vocal of SS501, nor as a member of SS501, you can listen to Heo YoungSaeng’s own story in this mini album “Let It Go”, which contains both dance and ballad, coexisting with harmony, making listeners feel rich in the ears.

Title song “Let It Go” is by Sweetune, talking about a different way of love between male and female. A cold guy who is indifferent in front of love, Heo YoungSaeng sings with his unique refined beautiful voice, completed with 4minute HyunA’s sensual rap expressing a female’s desire for love.

Taewan, who co-made singer Rain’s album, participated for this fast tempo American club dance song “Out The Club”. Heo YoungSaeng wrote the lyrics to the trendy analog synthesizer and drumbeat, harmonious song “I’m Broken”. SS501 member Kim KyuJong as featured rapper in the lyrical melody and sweet mellow guitar tones “Rainy Heart”. Mini album contains 5 tracks including “Let It Go” instrumental, and a 28-page album jacket, where you can feel singer Heo YoungSaeng’s diverse charms. The album release date was being postponed in April due to an injury during dance practice. Heo YoungSaeng is prepared to soar, spreading the soaring wings which was put aside for awhile and in order to reach to the top, his future moves are drawing attention.

• 01. Out The Club (Ft.Tae Wan)
• 02. Let It Go (Ft.HyunA)
• 03. Rainy Heart (sub-title: That day when it rained) (Ft.Kim KyuJong)
• 04. I'm Broken
• 05. Let It Go (Instrument)

نوع مطلب : *Heo Yuong Saeng*허영생*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، *SS501 NEWS*ss501 뉴스*، *Pictures Of SS501*SS501의 사진*، *Video Clips Of SS501*SS501의 비디오 클립*، *Answer to your questions*질문에 대한 답변*، *Story*이야기*، 
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After pushing back his debut date due to a hand injury, SS501’s Heo Young Saeng finally announced that he’ll release his mini-album on May 12th! His agency had a lot of worries over his slow recovery, but Heo Young Saeng himself decided it was best to have a comeback soon.

Heo Young Saeng’s hand is not quite at 100% yet, but he’s passionately preparing for his comeback stage. He has also released his video teaser on the 4th, as well as some stills from his solo MV.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that 4minute’s HyunA participated in the title song “Let It Go“, and fellow SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong also worked on another song in the album.

Fellow group members Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Joon have already made their solo debuts earlier this year. Despite the group members being in different entertainment agencies now, SS501 is still expected to make a full comeback this year.


نوع مطلب : *Heo Yuong Saeng*허영생*، *Fan Meeting*팬 미팅*، *Answer to your questions*질문에 대한 답변*، *Story*이야기*، *Pictures Of SS501*SS501의 사진*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، *Video Clips Of SS501*SS501의 비디오 클립*، *SS501 NEWS*ss501 뉴스*، 
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mv-girl کیم هیونگ جون خیلی قشنگه بچه ها حتما دانلود کنید...
















tesear hyung joon- oh ah


mv- hyung joong oh!ah


music core kim hyung jun



نوع مطلب : *Kim Hyung Jun*김형준*، *Video Clips Of SS501*SS501의 비디오 클립*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، 
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click on the image to see in large size

SamYook University has invited the celebrity soccer team FC MEN for a charity soccer match on the 28th at 4pm.

This event is a cultural event held for the start of the new school year and the university’s new students, and FC MEN will play a friendly match against the university’s current soccer team.

FC MEN was founded by JYJ’s Kim Junsu and SS501′s Kim HyunJoong. Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Bum, Song JoongKi, and Lim JuHwan are also active members. Junsu, the captain of the team, plans to directly participate in the match.

Junsu will also host the presentation ceremony for 10 million won raised for the friendly match, signature giveaway event, and presidential reception.

Junsu revealed his thoughts on the event, stating “Because we will be holding the match to help the less fortunate, I will participate with a happy heart. I hope, through this event, the solidarity of the students will help change the society.”




don't forget and vote us plz

نوع مطلب : *Kim Hyun joong*김현중*، * SS501 in Airport*공항 ss501*، *SS501 NEWS*ss501 뉴스*، *Solo Albums*솔로 앨범*، *Pictures Of SS501*SS501의 사진*، *Video Clips Of SS501*SS501의 비디오 클립*، *Answer to your questions*질문에 대한 답변*، 
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